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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Get to Know Custom Carpentry

Bill Harris, founder, and co-owner, of Custom Carpentry is a 3rd generation craftsman who puts great care and skill into every project he is a part of. His clients become not only happy customers but great friends during their time together. Bill was born while his father was an active Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. 

After the Marines, his father became a Baptist Preacher – this leaves little to figure out why Bill has always had a “God and Country” outlook on life and takes such pride in everything he does. He contributes a lot of his skill and education to the teaching and hands on training of Mr. Carl Huber. The Old-World German training he received working alongside Mr. Huber is reflected in every project, one way or another. This skill and pride has been passed down to his son and partner, Jesse.

When asking Bill about the difference of then and now – his 1st answer is everything computers  - electronic bid proposals, scans, emails, advertising. He says Jesse has been trying for the last couple years to bring him into the computer age and texting – Bill says he is getting there.

The city of Ft Thomas is filled with a bank drive through, a remodel of a favorite restaurant, a dentist office remodel, home additions, porches, and decks – all successfully completed by Custom Carpentry.

Bill still lives in Ft Thomas on Avenel Place with his wife of 40 years, Santa. He loves this city and all its people. Bill can usually be found early mornings before work on his front porch with his cup of coffee or evenings after dinner just winding down. He says, “Anyone is welcome to stop by and talk – I have a big porch”.

More to their story next quarter….

Custom Carpentry can be reached at 513-205-4020. Their schedule is starting to fill for the rest of the year so give them a call today!

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