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Friday, October 16, 2020

Jolly Plumbing Dubs Septic Truck the "Official Truck of 2020"

The official truck of 2020 from Jolly Plumbing. 

Let’s be real here. 2020 hasn’t been the year for anybody or anything. That trip to Paris you’ve been planning for years now. Pushed back. The concert you bought tickets for a year in advance. Cancelled. Months of no sports and throw in the current political landscape you can really only describe this year with one word. Honestly, words aren’t even needed. You can describe it with one emoji, . Jolly Plumbing, people that deal with all the time have commemorated this year by dubbing their septic truck as “The Official Truck of 2020.” 

The purpose of the truck is to take from one place and move the to a permanent resting place to decompose and/or give back to the earth. “Our hope is that maybe we’re doing our small part to bring an end to all the terrible things that have happened so it can go to it’s final resting place.” Says Brady Jolly, owner of Jolly Plumbing. Who says the idea came from a place of necessity. “We made some upgrades and, in the process, had to rewrap the vehicle with new graphics.” It’s hard to deny the logic of the statement. When you think of it this way, it’s fitting we had a toilet paper shortage. It’s a direct correlation, when you have so much happen, you're going to use a lot of toilet paper.

“Really, we just hope we can bring a smile to people’s faces during this difficult time.” Continues Jolly. “I think that is really what we need now.” You can see the truck driving around but they are working on taking it on a tour so people can take pictures with it. Jolly says the 6 feet rule won’t be hard to enforce with the truck. “It’s pretty common for people to stay 6 feet away from this thing.”

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