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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sanitation District to Begin Sewer Improvements along US 27 and AA Highway

New sewer improvements are coming to Alexandria from Enzweiler Rd to Riley Rd.
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Sanitation District No. 1 will begin the first phase of a sanitary sewer improvement project along US 27 and the AA Highway this month.

During this first phase of the project, SD1 will upgrade about 7,000 linear feet of gravity sewer from the high point of the AA Highway near Enzweiler Road, running east to the Riley Road Pump Station. This phase of the project will cost approximately $2 million.

By replacing the 8-inch diameter pipe with a new 18-inch pipe, SD1 will increase system capacity, allowing the sewer to convey wastewater from new developments in the area and accept buildout flows from the next phase of the project, which includes critical pump station upgrades.

“The Centerplex Pump Station is in urgent need of full rehabilitation,” said Phil Sebastian, SD1 pump station manager. “The pumps are in poor condition and, due to their design, it would be difficult to find support to maintain or replace them if they were to fail.”

Additionally, SD1 will redirect the flow of wastewater from Centerplex and other nearby pump stations to SD1’s Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility for treatment rather than sending it to SD1’s Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

By redirecting pump station flows, SD1 will address sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) along Industrial Road near the Silver Grove Pump Station, which account for approximately 1.6 million gallons of typical-year SSOs.

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This project will move SD1 closer to its Clean H2O40 amended consent decree goal of completely eliminating typical-year sanitary sewer overflows by the year 2040.

“This project is a top priority for the District,” said SD1 Executive Director Adam Chaney. “It addresses asset management plans, system capacity needs and our Clean H2O40 goals, maximizing our efforts in the region.”

During the first phase of construction, motorists can expect single lane or shoulder closures along this portion of the AA Highway between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Poplar Ridge may also require a road closure at the intersection of the AA Highway. Detour signs will be posted.

SD1 expects all phases of the project to be complete by the summer of 2022.

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