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Monday, November 16, 2020

Large Tree Crashes Damaging Three Dayton Homes After High Winds Sunday

Three homes in Dayton, Kentucky, were heavily damaged when high winds knocked a 30-foot tree onto them on Sunday. (photo: Alexandra Doyle)

by Robin Gee

People all over our area are cleaning up after 50-mile-an-hour winds hit on Sunday. Power was out for more than 20,000 Duke Energy customers.

Among those dealing with the aftermath are the owners of three houses severely damaged after winds knocked over a 30-foot tree that fell across all three houses in the 1200 block of 4th Avenue (between Benham and Clark streets).

According to officials, it is likely two of the houses will be condemned when the tree, with a diameter of six- to eight-feet, crashed through roofs and damaged walls. Fortunately, no one was severely injured, but two residents in one home had to escape through a window. One suffered a concussion and the other had minor injuries.

Neighbors witnessed the tree leaning and suddenly toppling over onto the houses. Alexandra Doyle told WLWT news "It doesn't look that bad from the front but from the back, one of these houses is, like, 50 percent gone."

Another neighbor, Tom Hansel told tv news reporters, "It was just an accident waiting to happen and everybody knew it."

The good news is everyone is safe. Now the cleanup has begun.

Crews are now cutting away branches of the tree that damaged three homes in Dayton on Sunday. Neighbor Alexandra Doyle took this photo.


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