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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Cold Spring to File Suit Against School District Over DAV Property

Cold Spring City Council has voted to sue the Campbell County School District for interfering with the purchase of property owned by the Disabled American Veterans.

by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Cold Spring City Council has voted to file suit against the Campbell County School District Board and/or the Kentucky Department of Education for interference in its purchase of the property belonging to Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

At a special meeting of council held Wednesday night (12-30), council members went into executive session. When they emerged, they held a quick vote on the matter of the DAV property with a resolution authorizing the mayor and city attorney to file the suit.

The measure passed four to one. Council member Cindy Moore voted against, but said her reasoning was that she had not had time to review all the materials. Council member Adam Sandfoss was not present at the meeting.

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City attorney Brandon Voelker read the resolution noting that the city has tried to intervene in the Campbell County School District’s suit to seize the property through eminent domain. A judge has not ruled on this yet, he said, but the district has opposed the city asserting its rights on the property.

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In an email sent to Campbell County School Board attorney, Jason Reed, and obtained by Fort Thomas Matters, Voelker asked the school district to dismiss its eminent domain action and allow the city of Cold Spring to complete the purchase. 

"If not, the City has taken action to authorize the aforementioned suit," he said in the email. 

Voelker outlined the issues and the city’s reasoning behind the suit:

  1. The council has a contract to purchase the property that the board is interfering with through their action.
  2. The Kentucky Department of Education has not yet approved purchase of the DAV property by the school board, which is needed before the board can file under eminent domain.
  3. The city and county had a deed restriction put in place on the property when it was sold to the DAV that required the city’s approval should the DAV ever decide to sell the property.



  1. This is ridiculous. If city council remembers the empty lot across from Cold Spring Baptist was sold to St E Hospitals for development. If the “new” medical facility is going to operated by St E Hospitals, then why can’t they build on the property they own and CCS and the children of northern Campbell County get a school they deserve.

    This lawsuit is embarrassing and stinks to high Heaven of kickback and backdoor dealing on behalf of the city. Voelker and the mayor desperately want to sell Lloyd Rogers property adjacent to Crossroads elementary since he spent money funding council members during the 2020 election.

  2. This is a “drug” deal with the gang of 5 and the mayor.