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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gov. Beshear: Vaccines will be deployed by mid-December

As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3, daily update:
New cases today: 3,895 (2nd highest)
New deaths today: 34 (3rd highest). 118 deaths since Monday. 
Positivity rate: 10.07%
Total deaths: 2,014
Currently hospitalized: 1,810 (highest)
Currently in ICU: 415
Currently on ventilator: 240

NKY cases:
Kenton County: 132
Boone County: 110
Campbell County: 59
Grant: 14

In his previous conference this week, Governor Andy Beshear said Kentucky should expect to get more than 38,000 initial doses of the two-dose Pfizer coronavirus vaccine by December 15. 

He detailed how those would be distributed: 2/3 of those doses will go to nursing home staff and residents, and frontline health care workers at 11 medical centers and hospitals will get the remaining doses. 

Emergency room staff and those who work with COVID-19-positive patients are expected to be prioritized.

Each of those 11 locations will receive a shipment of 975 doses, except for hospitals in Lexington and Louisville, which will each receive 1,950 doses. 

St. Elizabeth-Edgewood was listed as Northern Kentucky's distribution point. 

"These locations were chosen because they have ultra-cold storage capacity," said Gov. Beshear "It’s a fairly small amount it’s only the first shipment. Even if you’re not part of this very first shipment, it’s exciting that there is a shipment."

Allocation of these first doses will fall to the hospitals receiving them. A booster shot, or second dose of the vaccine will come later.

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