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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

In Other Words: Sock it to Winter Campaign Needs Our Help to Lighten the Burden

Aidan Silverton with a load of socks

Meet the team!

When Aidan Silverton was eight years old in 2017 he and his parents encountered a homeless man as they left a downtown theater. The boy was so distressed by what he saw that he couldn’t let it go. He kept after his parents that he wanted to help that homeless man. 

Amy, his mother, asked, "Aidan, if you are truly worried, do something about it. What could you give homeless people to help them?" 

He thought about it and said, "I bet cold feet hurt. What about socks?" Young Aidan was so adamant that he offered his life’s savings from his paper route, forty dollars. That was bold move. His parents said they would match that. He bought socks and delivered them to the Henry Hosea House. And he continues his annual campaign. 

Aidan created his holiday campaign Sock it to Winter to “help out the homeless community…. We decided mainly on socks because feet are one of the places you lose body heat the quickest.” 

Over the years Aidan has delivered over 3,000 winter items. His goal for this year is 500 items. He has expanded his campaign to include Newport Primary School since there is such a high need for warm winter gear. He will also include the Henry Hosea House. 

Aidan admits that “The homeless people benefit from my campaign because they get to have warm clothes.” But he is aware that some people who aren't homeless but may just need a little extra help. And that is the plea of this now twelve year old. He would like our help. 

Our children often present the best of humanity up to us to remind us of the value of holiday season. And Aidan Silverton has been doing that on his own since he was eight.   

Aidan says that he has “learned that most people are really generous…. I get a lot of socks from people I don't even know. Once, I got socks from a man in Kansas and one year, a man matched my collection. He sent me 600 pairs of socks! I think people feel good when they help. I know that I do.” We do feel good when we help someone. We should do that more often.  

I asked Aidan what he learned about himself from his Sock it Winter campaigns. And spoken with true twelve year old wisdom, he replies, “That I can help others and that it is easy to help others if you try.“ 

And now it’s up to us to help him succeed. Here are ways you can donate to Sock it to Winter. 

The easiest way is to donate via his Amazon wishlist:

Or you can PayPal his mother at: 

Or you can write a check or donate directly to Aidan’s porch box at

61 West Southgate Avenue

For each check and PayPal donation, Amy will write the donor's name on the receipt and send them a screenshot. 

In the words of Charles Dickens, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” So let’s help young Aidan lighten the burden of others and to have the best Sock it to Winter campaign ever. 

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