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Friday, December 11, 2020

RV Sales and Repair Business Approved for Silver Grove

View of proposed RV sales and service business in Silver Grove. The white rectangle in the middle is the existing Dollar General store.  [from presentation]

by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

The site development plan for a recreational vehicle sales and repair business in Silver Grove has been approved. The Campbell County Planning and Zoning Commission said yes to the proposal at their December 8 meeting with some specific restrictions.

The project would be built at 4821 Mary Ingles Highway, the site of the former TransASH construction services company, adjacent to the Dollar General store. In fact, customer traffic for the sales portion of the business would cross the Dollar General parking lot to the RV sales building and would share use of the public right of way, Kay Wright Lane off Messer Road

The property owner, Troy Franzen, plans to also build a gravel access road that would run behind the Dollar General and into three fenced and gated lots that would store RVs for sale and repair.

Two buildings and three RV storage lots

Two additional storage lots are south of the main project (service drive can be seen at top). Below the flood line, these are subject to state and federal flood zone requirements. (presentation)

The project includes two structures – a small sales and service building and a larger maintenance building. The sales building will be 27 feet by 16 feet built near the front of the property next to Dollar General. It would include a small paved parking lot for sales and repair customers.

Barre3 Fort Thomas. Located at 90 Alexandria Pike. 

The maintenance building would be 50 by 80 feet and would connect to the service road built around the back of the property leading into the vehicle storage lots. The service road and lots would be gravel to accommodate the large and varied size RVs.

Planning and Zoning Director Cindy Minter presented the plans. The property includes two zones, Highway Commercial (HC) and Industrial Park (IP). While neither zone lists “RV sales and service” specifically, there are many similar businesses outlined in the permitted uses within the zones in question, she said.

She noted the HC zone lists auto, truck and motorcycle sales; automotive service and repair; trailer sales and service; boat and other marine sales and service, as well as off street parking and garage businesses. In the IP zone, warehousing, storage yards for general construction vehicles and equipment, and marine warehousing, sales and service are permitted.

Flood zone requirements

Both the Kentucky Department of Water and FEMA have regulations that can affect the property.

The front part of the property has a “Letter or Map Amendment” based on fill that was added to raise it above the Base Flood Elevation or BFE. However, the storage lots at the back of the property are below the BFE.

Due to this issue and regulations by the state and federal agencies, Minter said acceptance of the proposed project will include and be contingent upon meeting a list of requirements that meet the regulations and concerns of the agencies.

Approval is based on acceptance of the following conditions:

  • A Stream Construction Permit from the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) must be obtained for all development below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE)
  • No buildings shall be located below the BFE and no part of this development shall be in the floodway
  • The following items will be permitted within the seasonal lots (storage lots):
    • Security fencing that is 50 percent open below the BFE
    • Lighting poles (with fixtures above the BFE)
    • Electrical meters and main power supply junction located above the BFE
    • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) or compatible electric at storage sites
  • Temporary storage for recreational vehicles subject to the following conditions:
    • Storage shall not exceed 180 days for any vehicle below the BFE
    • Damaged, inoperable or salvaged vehicles or equipment are not to be stored below the BFE
    • Vehicles stored below the BFE must be fully operational and road worthy, including applicable licensing and insurance
    • Site manager shall maintain equipment and permission on site to move any vehicle at any time. This is an important restriction that could come into play should the property flood. All vehicles would need to be moved to higher ground immediately upon notice.
    • No vehicle within the storage lots shall be considered habitable. 
    • No junk or salvage vehicles are permitted and must be removed within 10 days. 

Addressing public concerns

While the public and commissioners expressed few reservations and were in favor of the move, Minter noted a few concerns she had received and outlined how they might be addressed.

She said she added the prohibition on junk and salvage vehicles to directly address a concern about abandoned vehicles and junk along the highway.
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She explained that the "10 days for removal" item was to address any issues should the RV lot receive a vehicle that later turned out could not be repaired. The owners would have 10 days to have it removed.

The other issue of concern was debris on the highway from loose gravel and mud from the property. Silver Grove has a debris ordinance, and the business would be responsible to clean up anything on the stretch of road in front of their building. Owner Franzen said he will use "grade 6" gravel only, considered "clean" and the approved grade for driveways.

Some commissioners asked about the security gates on the property wanting to make sure through traffic would not be affected. The owner said the gates would protect the RVs and would help keep out dumping on the property. Dumping on this stretch of land has been an ongoing concern for the city and residents in the area.

While Minter presented the project to the city council earlier in the week, it was for information only. The Campbell County Planning and Zoning Commission is the official approval body for the project. The project was accepted with the outlined restrictions.

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