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Friday, January 15, 2021

Concepts for Fort Thomas Coffee at One Highland Unveiled

Interior rendering of Fort Thomas Coffee, PCA Architecture. 

In August of 2020, Fort Thomas Coffee was announced as the first tenant of One Highland, and anticipated expansion of that business.

Barre 3 Fort Thomas. Located at 90 Alexandria Pike.

Now we know what the local, family coffee shop may look like and what services will be offered after they relocate from 118 N. Fort Thomas Ave. in the Spring of 2022. 

One Highland is a project by Greiwe Development with partners North American Properties; a mixed-use development that will add luxury condos and commercial space in Fort Thomas. The development is expected to be a total investment of $20 million, with 12,985 square feet of commercial space, topped with 18 condos priced from $695,000 to $1.2 million.

Fort Thomas Coffee's new location is 3,600 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor of the development

Owners, Christine and Justin Smalley shared design concepts, created by local architect, Emma Adkisson of PCA Architecture. 

Emma Adkisson of PCA Architecture. 

"We discovered our talented architect, Emma, simply by striking up conversation with strangers," said Christine.  "Before long we discovered our personal connections to Fort Thomas and that our professional needs met her talents.  On our list of architects, we found that while Emma has vast experience and talent, she has the most heart to design this space for our amazing community.  A hangout that she and her family will also enjoy." 

Albert Fedders of Fedders Construction will oversee construction of the interior. 

FTC announced that they would expand its offerings with the addition of a bakery, wine bar and a flexible work space that will offer many of the amenities of coworking space.

Here's some details:

The Coffee Bar at FTC – Everything you love about your community coffee shop expanded over 4x the current space. 

The Bakery at FTC – Custom cakes, party treats, donuts, and coffee shop pastries.
The Wine and Cocktail Bar at FTC – Craft beer, wine, spirits, and retail bottle sales. 

The Office at FTC –  Office supplies and essentials plus three conference rooms for reservation, high speed internet, tech support, virtual meeting set up, copy machine, printer, scanner, fax, and more.  

The Playroom at FTC – A smart designed location just for kids and parents to enjoy while maintaining a quieter atmosphere for other coffee shop guests.  Seating inside and tables just outside the playroom allow parents opportunity for a coffee date while children enjoy updated toys and budding friendships.

Events at FTC –The large conference room in The Office at FTC has private outdoor access and will be ideal for home business showcases, private parties, clubs, and organizations.  This room opens into the mid-sized conference room to accommodate larger parties.  The lounge area can be reconfigured for semi-private gathering like birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, and parties of all sorts.

PCA Architecture rendering. 

Smalley said that the bakery concept is "half-baked with room to rise." 

"In the next months we will interview established bakeries and independent pastry chefs.  The kitchen is yet to be fully designed allowing opportunity for baker's input."

Additionally, they said they may offer the kitchen as rental space to an existing bakery for selling their goods in our shop and other locations, or establish our own Fort Thomas Coffee bakery.  

"We have a short list and are excited to begin meeting bakers," she said. 

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