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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Fort Thomas Ice Cream to Become Fort Thomas Parlor

Fort Thomas Ice Cream will now be Fort Thomas Parlor: Coffee, Ice Cream and Cookie Dough. 

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by Robin Gee

The address for Fort Thomas' favorite ice cream spot will remain, but the business is changing. The good news is Fort Thomas Ice Cream owner Jason Williams will stay on to continue to bring customers his own special ice cream treats. What's even more good news? Cookie dough!

The Parlor Ice Cream, with locations in Pendleton, Milford, Mt. Washington and Ludlow, recently purchased the Fort Thomas location from Williams, who will stay on making his ice cream for the new owners Keith Hazelwood and Joshua Bolin.

Hazelwood and Bolin will bring the Parlor branding and popular menu of soft serve ice cream, espresso drinks, edible cookie dough and more. 

Fort Thomas Ice Cream owner, Jason Williams, with Joshua Bolin and Keith Hazelwood. 

A chain of events—and people

Parlor Ice Cream can trace its roots back to Nick Ganim, whose family opened a bakery and ice cream shop in Mt. Washington in 1957. This became Mt. Washington Creamy Whip & Bakery. From there Ganim opened the Old Milford Ice Cream Parlor.

For his next venture, he joined with Adam Sommers to open a location in Pendleton. Things were going great. Sommers brought in his friend Bolin to explore opening another location across the river in Ludlow. Plans were in motion, and they were all set to launch in spring of 2020, but then COVID hit. They put their plans on hold.

This is where Hazelwood came in. Ludlow is his hometown, and he had just retired and returned there after living 30 years in Fort Thomas. He had heard there was an ice cream parlor opening in Ludlow, but when nothing happened, he investigated. He got in touch with the owner of the building and asked him to arrange a meeting with Bolin and Sommers.

Hazlewood was able to convince them to partner with him and to open up the Ludlow Parlor despite the virus. The three worked on the project all summer and opened up on election day November 3, 2020.

Barre Fort Thomas. 90 Alexandria Pike. 
On to Fort Thomas

It was Hazlewood’s next suggestion that led to the Fort Thomas Parlor.

"Fort Thomas is my second home. I go there often. My aunt had a house there, and I have friends at Midway Cafe. In fact, I go there almost every week for the wings. I don’t know what possessed me to ask, but I was in Fort Thomas Ice Cream, and I asked a staff member if he thought Jason might be interested in a collaboration with another ice cream/cookie dough business," he said. 

He got Williams contact information, and Sommers followed up to ask he would indeed be interested. 

Williams said yes. He told Sommers what he really enjoyed most was creating the flavors. Sommers, Bolin and Hazelwood could bring their expertise to the marketing side of things. The match was made, and Fort Thomas Parlor was born.

The next step for the business will be to secure approval from the city’s Design Review Board for a few changes they plan to make to the outside of the building. They will bring in The Parlor branding, including their iconic mustache and monocle logo and a modern upbeat decor.  

Fort Thomas Parlor is located at 1013 South Fort Thomas Avenue. Opening date is set for March 1.

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  1. Their Pendleton location is amazing with fun decor! So excited to have this in our town!