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Friday, February 12, 2021

Cold Spring Family Seeks Answers After Bullet Smashes Through Kids' Playroom Window

On a Saturday morning in January, a resident of Granite Spring in Cold Spring heard a loud crash and discovered a bullet hole in his children's playroom window. FTM file. 

Want a clean home?

by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Scott Tucker is a father of two small boys, age 4 and 7. He and his wife, Shannon, and children live on Sandstone Ridge in the Granite Spring subdivision, a busy family neighborhood in Cold Spring. On Saturday, January 30, at about 8:45 a.m., Tucker heard a loud crash coming from his kids’ playroom at the front of the house. 

He raced in to see what had fallen or broken and if everyone was okay.

No one was in the first-floor playroom. His older son had stayed overnight at his friend’s house and his younger son, who was often playing there with his toys, happened to be upstairs with his mother. He went out to the garage to check and found nothing. He returned to the playroom and that is when Tucker noticed shattered glass on the floor. He opened the blinds and found a round hole in the double-pane window. That’s when he discovered a bullet lying on the floor just a few inches from the kids’ toy train table.

"That’s when I dialed 911. Where I live on the top of the hill, if you are familiar with Granite Spring...we hear gunshots frequently, probably too frequently for a subdivision this size," he said.

Tucker explained that the Granite Spring subdivision forms a horseshoe around a large plot of land in the middle. Granite Spring is part of the city of Cold Spring. The land in the middle is in an unincorporated part of Campbell County. He says he refers to it as the "farmland" because that is what it once was. Now it is divided into a handful of large lots.

After he called 911, Tucker went outside. He could hear more gunshots. In fact, he heard them sporadically that day all the way up to the noon hour, he said. He, like many of his neighbors, said he has grown accustomed to the sound of gunfire.

Hearing gunshots in the neighborhood

"We hear the gunshots but they seem far away, so you don’t think about it much, but you hear it. I never in my wildest dreams thought a stray bullet would go through our house."

Cold Spring police officers responded to the scene. The police report indicates, after taking Tucker’s information and recording the damage, officers canvassed the area and spoke with neighbors who confirmed that they heard the shots and that hearing gunshots was a common occurrence. 

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The officers spoke with people living in the unincorporated area and in Granite Spring. They inspected the path of travel the bullet likely took, but reported no immediate evidence that a firearm had been discharged in nearby properties.

One neighbor said she had seen a person dressed in black walking behind some of houses along the property line. The incident overall is still under investigation.

In the meantime, Tucker remains concerned. The officers had explained that it is legal to fire guns in the county on one’s own property. He said he understood that and supports the rights of gun owners but questioned the discharging of firearms in such a highly populated area.

"We just don’t want it to happen again. We understand it likely wasn’t deliberate, but you are responsible for where your bullet goes," he said. 

The bullet, approximately .30 caliber according to the police report, landed just inches from the children's train table in the playroom.


Seeking answers about what happened that day and solutions for the future

"I wrote to the mayor that I don’t know what the solution is, but these are very large neighborhoods. Our subdivision forms a horseshoe around the farmland on three sides. For somebody to be using it to shoot, it doesn’t make sense. It’s not smart."

When asked what he wants the community to know, he said, "We don’t want guns taken away. We believe in the right to bear arms, but be respectful of where you are shooting and be a little more conscious of where you are when you are hunting or having target practice," he said.

"This area has just really grown over time...Just be mindful that you are responsible where your bullet lands. We are fortunate that we are not making hospital visits right now or worse."

He said he felt the police officers and city officials were taking the issue seriously, but he is eager to find a solution that protects his family and neighbors.

In his letter, Tucker said, "We need some help with closure to ensure our kids are safe and to relieve the level of anxiety we are currently experiencing. There could be an individual or individuals in our community who are good people but not aware of the danger they are causing our family and potentially others to endure, not to mention the anxiety..."

He called on the mayor and council to help find a solution before someone is hurt. 

"My request to you is to please respond to this matter... I can’t speak for everyone, but as of right now, I do not feel safe with the gunshots we are hearing much too frequently near the streets that our kids play on...Perhaps this could be an opportunity for the city to work with the county to make sure county residents are aware they will be held liable for where their bullets land and to reinforce gun laws."

If anyone has information about the incident on January 30, please contact the Cold Spring Police Department. The office number is (859) 441-6289.

FTM file. 

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