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Friday, February 26, 2021

Measure to increase access to handicap license plates passes the House

Representative McPherson, R- Scottsville, presents House Bill 363 on the House floor on Thursday. The measure passed 94-0.

The House of Representatives passed a measure today that would allow parents and guardians of disabled minor or disabled adult to obtain a license plate to allow them to park in a handicap parking spot. This measure is sponsored by Representative Shawn McPherson of Scottsville.
“This is such a commonsense issue that at first, I was surprised that this provision wasn’t already permitted,” McPherson said. “This measure would allow those parents and guardians of disabled children or adults to park in the handicap spot instead of parking across the parking lot and facing the decision to either drop the child or adult off or to wheel them across the parking lot.”
House Bill 363 also clarifies that in order for the parent or guardian to park in the disabled spot, they must be accompanied by the disabled child or adult.
House Bill 363 will move to the Senate for further consideration in the upcoming weeks of the 2021 general session

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