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Monday, February 22, 2021

St. Elizabeth Physicians Launches New NURSE NOW Helpline for After-Hours Medical Advice

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We have all been there before: it is the middle of the night or the weekend and you have hurt yourself or your child is not feeling well, and you do not know whether to seek emergency care immediately or to wait and see. From a high fever to a possible broken bone to a potential concussion, it can be difficult to evaluate how urgent the situation is and whether a visit to the emergency room or an urgent care is necessary. If only you had an expert to call to give you some guidance.

This type of question inspired St. Elizabeth Physicians to launch our new NURSE NOW helpline. Available to anyone and everyone in the community after business hours and on the weekends, simply call 888-4STE-NOW free-of-charge and a registered nurse trained to assess your needs over the phone will help determine the severity of the situation and advise you on next steps.
“The nurse can help you decide if the health concern requires immediate medical care or if it’s okay to wait and see your provider,” says Sara Browne, Manager of Virtual Health at St. Elizabeth Physicians.  “If an appointment is necessary the nurse can even schedule you for a virtual visit or in-person appointment while you are on the phone.”

The NURSE NOW helpline is available for all types of medical questions and concerns, including:
Does my child need stitches?
What type of doctor should I see for this problem?
What is the correct dosage for this medication?
When is a fever too high?
Should I be concerned about this rash?
“Our NURSE NOW program may help you or your loved ones avoid an unnecessary Urgent Care or Emergency Department visit after hours, reducing exposure to COVID-19,” says Andrew Bradford, Director of Virtual Health at St. Elizabeth Physicians.  “It’s a safe way to get trusted health information and advice.”

This helpline service is free, and traditional billing applies to any emergency room, urgent care, or physician visit. Our nursing team can also consult with an on-call provider if additional expertise is needed.

In the event of a life-threatening condition or emergency, call 9-1-1. The NURSE NOW program is not meant to replace your healthcare provider or provide life-saving support.

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