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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Ace Hardware Newport Doubles Space With a Short Move

In June Ace Hardware in Newport Plaza will double its space while moving a short distance within the shopping complex.

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 by Robin Gee

Ace Hardware in Newport, known as the Great Lakes Ace, is set to move in June but will be traveling only a short distance to its new location within Newport Plaza.

Meet Ethan and the team.

The store, now located next to Newport Racing & Gaming on Monmouth, will move close by within the Newport Shopping Plaza complex to a spot on Carothers next to Fresh Thyme Market.

Store personnel are preparing for the move. They will stay open the whole time and don’t expect any disruption in their business.

"It will be a matter of us locking one door and opening another," said Manager Brad Baker. He noted that the move will almost double the amount of space for the store.

"The new space will be 19,500 square feet. We currently have about 11,000," he explained — and he’s very much looking forward to the move, he said.

No news yet on what will replace Ace in its old location, but information will be coming soon, according to a spokesperson for the plaza owner, Texas-based Albanese Cormier Holdings (ACH), but of note: Newport Racing and Gaming, which underwent a $38 million renovation to open last year, just got a boost by the Kentucky legislature, allowing Historic Horse Racing machines to operate legally. 

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