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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

FTFC Sponsors Community Conservation Spring Event on March 13 In Tower Park And You Can Help

Model Native Garden in Tower Park

33 N. Fort Thomas Ave! Now open! 

Spring is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to get your hands in some soil. The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy will hold a big day in the Model Native Garden in Tower Park on Saturday, March 13 starting at 9:00 AM and they need volunteers. 

They will hold multiple opportunities for service and learning and contributing to the community (all safely socially distanced and following state guidelines) in preparing an established garden and seeding a new garden, proper eradication of invasive plants, basic chainsaw safety techniques, and a trail walk-and-walk about the value of conservation easements and the value of preserving our natural heritage. 

The Model Native Garden, located next to the museum in Tower Park, showcases some of the most resilient and beautiful native plants for the garden. It does need annual attention and volunteers are welcome to join with fellow garden enthusiasts and novices to learn more. 

Our area is being overrun by a number of non-native species that disrupt our native animal and plant habitat which causes other problems. The FTFC will help identify the major invasive plant threats and how to properly remove them from your landscape as well as what you can do to be a guardian of our natural habitat. 

For those who attend and volunteer, a select few native plants and curated seed packets will be raffled off. One of the most treasured plants is the native Kentucky River Cane that will be split for transplanting and some will be raffled. 

Please bring work gloves, a mask, and water since all COVID social distancing requirements will be enforced. 

Please RSVP to to reserve a place or feel free to arrive. In case of rain, the event will take place March 14. 

The schedule for the day is:

9:00. Welcome and introductions. Learn about the plans for maintaining the Native Garden with regularly scheduled work parties and plant identification training. Learn about plans for the eradication program in Tower Park and how you can be a valuable member.  

9:15. Work in Native Garden will include planting native grasses and wildflower seeds in a new section of the garden. This includes how to properly scratch soil, scatter seeds, and mulching. A crew will dig up Kentucky River Cane for transplanting.

 10:15. Introduction to the Eradication program while work continues in native garden. You can attend any and all of the programs since  they will all be in the same general area.  You will learn invasive plant identification, various methods of eradication, chain saw safety and use,  future training plans regarding use of herbicides, and actual eradication work if time permits .

11:30 Mark Leopold will conduct a walk through the park’s conservation easement and talk about the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy’s vision 

Please RSVP to to commit or to seek more information. You can also learn more on the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy Facebook page.  

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