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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Former Highlands Math Teacher Starts "Math Awakening" Business To Help Kids Polish Math Skills

"Math Awakening", created by Fort Thomas resident Jill Gruetzmacher, is a new teaching concept targeted towards grades 4 through 8.

By Jessie Eden

A new math enrichment program is launching in Fort Thomas and if you have a thriving math student at home, it may be the perfect fit for polishing their skills even further. 

"Math Awakening" is a new teaching concept targeted towards grades 4 through 8. It was created by Fort Thomas resident Jill Gruetzmacher. Jill has lived in town since 2014 and has six years of teaching experience. 

The idea came about because Jill felt there was a need for those average to above average math students. "I always felt there was a need for something extra for kids whose achievement levels were average and above average. Not many students can get into the enrichment programs due to space. There are a lot of students who would benefit from a fun group of math minded people," said Jill. 

"It’s about creating a community and a positive learning environment. Making those connections with the real world rather than just talking about it or solving word problems. This is actually exposing them to the world of math and the people in it."

The program is also a passion project for Jill. "I love math. I would love to help students reach their achievement levels and possibly discover their passions in life."

She also has a 5th grader who attends Moyer and last year, she ran a small pilot math group for six kids in the 4th grade. "We called it Math Club and it was a blast for everyone!" said Jill.

Kit Valentine, a student who participated in Jill's 'Math Club', really enjoyed the pilot experience. “Math usually isn’t that fun, but she taught in a way that made it really fun!” said Kit. Kit is now in 5th grade and described by Jill as a 'very strong math student'.

The best part? This isn't a short-sighted program. This is a program dedicated to long-term eventually getting into that DREAM college. Jill is also the chair of the University of Pennsylvania's Cincinnati Penn Alumni Committee which gives her added insight on what kids may be facing as they continue on towards their college goals. "I know what top performing college admissions are looking for and I will be able to help these kids plan their middle and high school years so they can achieve their dreams." 

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