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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Northern Kentucky among first areas targeted for initial KentuckyWired network access

Stretches of road like this one on US-27 in NKY will be a focus of the rollout of KentuckyWired. 

The more than 3,000 miles of high-speed, high-capacity fiber-optic cable extending through Kentucky’s 120 counties by KentuckyWired is nearly complete, and the network is now available for Northern Kentucky business, government and education entities.

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In addition, local internet service providers (ISPs) in Northern Kentucky communities can now access the new network – enabling ISPs to better serve residential customers, as well as to expand their service capabilities to currently underserved areas.

This network access comes with the launch of Accelecom, the company that will serve as the exclusive provider of that statewide network.

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The substantial completion of the KentuckyWired project and the availability of the network through Accelecom is Kentucky’s most significant step in creating reliable, statewide internet service. Known as the middle mile, the 3,200-mile cable extends into each Kentucky county. It consists of 288 strands of fiber, with 144 strands designated for use by state agencies. The remaining capacity of the network is available for commercial access through Accelecom, which will serve Kentucky business and industry, residents, farmers and communities throughout the state.

Though the network will ultimately be available throughout the state, the Northern Kentucky region is an initial focus. 

“With the broadband infrastructure nearing completion, Accelecom is extremely excited and proud to begin connecting Northern Kentucky businesses and communities to this state-of-the-art technology,” said David Flessas, CEO of Accelecom. 

About 140 state government offices have already migrated to the KentuckyWired network – General Butler State Park in Carrollton, several offices affiliated with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and the Kentucky State Police post in Dry Ridge to name a few.

Hal Rogers, U.S. representative for Kentucky’s Fifth Congressional District in southeastern Kentucky and a long-time champion for KentuckyWired, said the substantial completion of the project and the launch of Accelecom creates new opportunities for the entire Commonwealth.

“Kentucky has historically ranked near the bottom of the nation for broadband connectivity, but this new network will launch us to the top tier,” Rogers said. “It opens the door for new industries and jobs for our people. We know that broadband cannot single-handedly solve our generational challenges in Kentucky’s Appalachian region, but without broadband, we aren’t even on the playing field for a multitude of opportunities from advancements in education, to telehealth, to job creation. Accelecom will help accelerate access to the network from Pikeville to Paducah.”

A portion of the revenue generated from Accelecom customers will go to the Commonwealth to help pay back the state for its investment in the KentuckyWired project. The Commonwealth owns the core fiber network, while Accelecom manages the portion of the network reserved for its services.

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