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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

OneNKY Alliance awards two grants supporting CCNK, GROW NKY and economic mobility

Leisa Mulcahey, GROW NKY Managing Director | Vice President,Workforce.

The OneNKY Alliance has awarded a total of $30,000 in grant funds to two local organizations focused on providing an educational foundation for economic mobility to students and families in Northern Kentucky. Funding was made possible through the Truist Foundation as a member company of the OneNKY Alliance.

The OneNKY Alliance aspires towards a regional voice resulting in higher standards of health, education, and living for all community members.

“We envision OneNKY to continue its path as a welcoming, vibrant community with world class health, education, job growth and opportunity for all,” said OneNKY President & CEO Karen Finan. “The funds will support students and families who are overcoming obstacles as they pursue their education and become part of the community’s talent pipe-line. The funded programs offer innovative and impactful approaches to the achievement of this need.

CHNK Behavioral Health, also known as Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky, will utilize $10,000 in funding to advance logistics, curriculum, and engagement strategies for the organization’s day treatment program. The program is designed specifically for school age youth unable to navigate a traditional school setting due to mental and behavioral health disorders. CHNK’s program provides a holistic classroom environment where students receive comprehensive therapeutic and academic care.

Established in 1882, CHNK is a trauma-informed healthcare organization focused on creating holistic partnerships for health and wellness that are inclusive, innovative, and inspiring. CHNK has locations in Covington and Burlington.

GROW NKY will utilize the $20,000 grant to specifically support assessment and logistic needs associated with the MyCareerE3 effort. This program addresses the need for more equitable access to work-based learning opportunities ranging from career awareness to real-world experience including apprenticeships.

GROW NKY (Growing Regional Outcomes Through Workforce) is a strategic workforce collective comprised of leaders across key industries, educational institutions and community organizations working collaboratively to leverage the region’s assets to grow, attract and retain a globally competitive workforce. The Northern Kentucky Chamber serves as the backbone organization leading the strategic workforce collective. GROW NKY focuses on five key areas of workforce development, following a cradle-to career model.

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