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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tallant Music Studio Purchases Building from Long-time Owners in Central Business District

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 By Jessie Eden

Tallant Music Studio is officially putting down roots in Fort Thomas. Music Studio owner Caileen Tallant-Adams and her husband Nate Adams purchased 122 N. Fort Thomas Avenue this week. They closed on the property on Wednesday, March 23.

"The closing is a huge deal for us as it allows us to expand into a ready made building that is perfect for a school! Especially since it used to be one!" said Caileen. "This will allow us to continue to grow as well as expand our services to group classes, kindermusik classes, summer camps, and in-house recitals."

The pair plans on renovating the space over the next two months. The businesses, which also includes sister company Tallant Tutoring on the 2nd floor, will open on June 1. Tallant Tutoring will offer private tutoring, group final exam review sessions, and ACT prep classes on the 2nd floor of the new building, and currently offers in-home and online tutoring from local tutors. 

It was important for Caileen and Nate to stay in the middle of town. "It’s important to be in the CBD because this is the city center and we want to keep the arts in the heart of the city! It is also in the cultural arts district," said Caileen. "Who knows?? You may hear music flowing out of the building on a nice day during your walk when we have our windows open!"

And the opportunity to be more visible as people walk by is also a plus. "Since our businesses are both educational services, being walking distance to a number of neighborhood schools is paramount," said Nate. "Our new location, just to the left of Fort Thomas Coffee, will be even better for foot traffic too!"

Caileen and Nate are purchasing the building from Jann Seidenfaden and George Kolentse. Jann and George purchased the building in May 1994. The husband and wife law team then rehabbed every inch of the 3,000 square foot two story building. 

Jann Seidenfaden and George Kolentse outside of 122 N. Fort Thomas Ave in 1994

Continuing Music Education in Fort Thomas

In May 2020, Caileen announced that she would be opening a new music school in Fort Thomas. Tallant Music Studio officially opened up in June 2020 in the former "Framed NKY" space. 

Caileen was a former instructor at Slater Music Academy. In Spring 2020, Slater Music Academy announced that it would merge with NKU's Preparatory Academy. Slater Music Academy's owner, Rebecca Slater, thanked the community for 24 years of service.

Caileen Tallant-Adams of Tallant Music Studio

From School to Music Studio

Tallant Music Studio will soon inhabit a space that was literally designed for learning -- what a perfect fit!

The historic building, according to Fort Thomas city records, was built in 1884 as a school. The construction of what was once called the 'Central School' cost just $6,865 back then. It was completed and opened on January 3, 1885. The superintendent of the school actually had an apartment on the second floor until 1911 when the unit was turned into two additional classrooms. 

Then, in 1919, the building was sold for $1 to Dr. Clay Crawford. Dr. Crawford's mother actually planted a Rock Elm tree right in front of the building which is still there to this day. 

The front section of the house was added in 1937 and housed three different doctors in a practice run by Dr. Crawford -- all of which actually ran out and to save that historic Elm tree when the city attempted to cut it down. 

In 1975, Dr. Crawford passed away and left the building to the remaining doctors in the practice - Drs. Stratman, Anderson and Grover. 

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