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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Alexandria man wins $1M scratch-off ticket prize

Alexandria Carryout on Alexandria Pike. 

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An Alexandria man won a million dollars by playing a Kentucky Lottery scratch-off game.

The winner, who wants to remain anonymous, bought the $20 200x ticket after winning $100 on a previous ticket. He'd never played the game before, according to Kentucky Lottery officials.

While scratching off his numbers, he found he matched the million-dollar prize.

Shocked, the clerk at Alexandria Carryout suggested he scan it to double check. Sure enough, it was a winner.

When he claimed the prize at the lottery headquarters in Louisville, he told them he hadn't slept.

The lump-sum payout was $914,000. After taxes, he took home a check for $658,940.

He said he plans to put most of the money in the bank and cover medical bills.

“I’m a simple guy and everything is paid for,” he said.

Alexandria Carryout gets a $9,140 bonus for selling that winning ticket.

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