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Friday, May 21, 2021

Fort Thomas Police Department Welcomes Two New Officers

Fort Thomas Police Chief Casey Kilgore presents a badge to new officer Chris Vance, who comes to Fort Thomas from the Wilder Police Department

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by Robin Gee, city council beat reporter

Fort Thomas Police Chief Casey Kilgore introduced two new officers at the May city council meeting. Both had already received their badges and have begun working for the department, but the May meeting gave an opportunity to present them to council and the community.

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"Tonight, it’s very much my pleasure to introduce our two newest officers. By newest I just mean new to us, they are certainly not new to the profession of policing," said Kilgore. "Chris Vance and Jeremy Moore come to us with several years of experience in the Northern Kentucky area. Both have ton of experience, a lot of training, and actually both were sergeants at the law enforcement agency they left to come here. It’s the first time we’ve hired two sergeants at the same time!"

He added, "Both have great reputations in Northern Kentucky, and we are very lucky and very fortunate to hire such qualified people."

Vance introduced his family including his parents, his wife and his two children, as well as his two brothers. One of his brothers, Brandon Vance, is also a Fort Thomas police officer.

Vance brings about 12 years of experience in policing. He comes to Fort Thomas from the Wilder Police Department and previously worked for the Covington Police.

"Thank you all for the opportunity. I look forward to working with everybody," he said. He is Badge 4456. 

New Fort Thomas Police Officer Jeremy Moore receives his badge from Chief Casey Kilgore. He comes to the city from the Kentucky State Police.

Jeremy Moore comes with experience with the Kentucky State Patrol. Kilgore noted that Moore has two pilot’s licenses. He is Badge 4457.

Moore introduced his wife and children. He is expecting his sixth child this summer. "Thanks for the opportunity to perform my duties here. I have had a great time so far. It’s a great department in a great city," he said.

Mayor Eric Haas thanked both officers and welcomed them. "We really appreciate you joining Fort Thomas, and we are very grateful for everything that the department does for this city. We are very blessed in Fort Thomas, and thank you, chief, for all that you do," he said.

Congratulations and welcome to officers Vance and Moore.

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