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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Jolly Plumbing now offers Heating and Air (Sponsored)

Mark Collier is no expert when it comes to Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Restoration or Carpet Cleaning. He calls Jolly for all of those services. Now he can add HVAC to the list. 

A name that has been around Greater Cincinnati for over 40 years is changing. Jolly Plumbing, based in Wilder, KY is now Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating and Air. The change comes as the company now offers service and installation of residential heating and A/C systems.  

“The biggest question we’ve been getting is about our tagline,” says Brady Jolly, owner and CEO of Jolly whose tagline A Flush Beats a Full House, is very plumbing centric. 

“It was never a question; it’s going to stay.” 

The company is excited to offer an entirely new service to its customers. Jolly says they decided to add the service because they felt confident that they would be able to provide the same 5-star service as they do on the plumbing side. “We’ve really worked on upping our game when it comes to customer service and while the trade is different, the process with the customers is similar. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing the customer with the most value. We believe the addition of this service does just that.”   

"I’ve been a long-time partner with Jolly Plumbing over the years," said Mark Collier of Fort Thomas Matters. "I trust their name and when I learned they’d be entering the HVAC market I didn’t hesitate to call them. I associate their company with dependability, know-how and consistency and after my first HVAC service my opinion didn’t change. I’m happy to know that I can call Jolly for a growing list of my home-service needs." 

A quick system check by Jolly HVAC at Mark's house found that a replacement part was needed, which saved hundreds of dollars longterm to make the system efficient. 

The company is currently offering $67 systems checks and is staffed and ready for the summer. They will offer a maintenance plan that will include savings in plumbing, heating, and air. In addition to heating and air, the company added drains to the name. “We have always offered drain clearings but we wanted it to be a more visible part of our business, plus, it makes the most sense with our tagline.”  

To book your appointment, call Jolly at 859-781-7500 or click here to book your appointment. 

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