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Monday, May 10, 2021

New York City Fashion Model Turned NKY Herbalist Set To Host A Local Wellness Event

Rachel Eten, Megan Noll Photography. 

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On a normal summer day in New York City, Central Park is filled with people laying out or walking their dogs, Rachel Eten was busy walking her chicken. You read that right, a pet chicken in New York City. 

“I was hoping for fresh eggs, but ‘’she’’ ended up being a ‘’he’’ and we had to send him back home,” Rachel recalls.

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“Back home” was Cold Spring, Kentucky where she began her modeling career at 16. At 19 she was living in Thailand, and by age 21, she was working for brands like Target, Kohls, Armani Exchange and Cosmopolitan in New York City. 

She has since moved to Alexandria on an old dairy farm and started Garden of Eten, an herbalism company that provides elderberry syrup, herbal infusions and natural skin care. All ingredients are either sourced organically, grown on her farm chemical free, or foraged by her locally. All products are carefully and mindfully manufactured by Rachel herself at the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport Kentucky.

She says “My career opened my eyes to so many different cultures as I traveled around the world for work, health hacks from my Brazilian model friends, skin care tips from my makeup artists and my Bulgarian model friend shared her family’s healthiest secret recipes.” 

That, added with her passion for a more natural and connected life is what drove her to create a line of products centered around preventive and holistic care. “Sure, having a chicken in New York City is weird, but it all comes from a desire to stay more connected to what we put in and on our body.” says Rachel, “And if we can do that, we will begin to see all of the options available that can help us live a healthier life.”

Rachel is bringing a lot of those tools for healthier life under one roof during Garden of Eten’s Spring into Health and Wellness event on May 16th. There, you will be able to meet people, products and services all around getting your health to a point where you are thriving. There will be a variety of vendors such as, yoga studios, chiropractic offices, herbal infusions and a traveling juice bar, just to name a few. When asked if a chicken would be in attendance, Rachel laughed and said “No chickens, but we will have an organic chicken feed vendor!”

Spring into Health and Wellness will be held outside at Alexandria Brewing Company in Alexandria , KY on May 16th from 1-4 PM. 

To find out more head to their event page on Facebook. To learn more about Rachel and her products visit
Facebook Event 

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