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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Silver Grove City Council Votes to Allow Chickens Within City Limits

Residents of Silver Grove can now apply for a license to raise female chickens in the city limits. (photo: mazaletel)

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by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

At its May meeting, Silver Grove City Council voted to approve a change in city ordinances that would allow the raising and keeping of female chickens within the city limits.

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The new ordinance changes language in a previous city ordinance that prohibited keeping chickens in the city. It outlines parameters for what will and will not be permitted, but it comes as a welcome change for city residents interested in urban chickens.

The original ordinance (90.07 of city code) prohibited the keeping of large fowl including chickens but permitted keeping small birds in cages. The new amendment changes the statement to “This section shall not prohibit keeping of small birds within bird cages nor the raising of female chickens....”

To raise chickens within city limits, residents must apply for a license from the city. They must provide either proof of ownership or a rental agreement showing landlord authorization to be able to raise female chickens on a particular property.

Applicants must also provide a copy of the plans for an enclosure for the chickens. The ordinance lays out the minimum dimensions for the interior of the enclosure. The regulations also outline a minimum distance of 50 feet between the exterior of the enclosure and the closest adjacent residential dwelling.

The ordinance also requires a plan for waste disposal in keeping with state laws on the subject, and notes that applicants are financially responsible for the costs of inspection as well as construction of their enclosure.

In another amendment to the existing ordinance, the city adds language to leash laws stating that chickens cannot roam the city on public or private property without permission and restraint and sets out a $50 for violation for each offense. 

The city’s website is currently under construction, but residents can contact City Clerk Ronda Sandfoss for information and an application at

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