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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

New Member Joins Highland Heights City Council

Mitchell Miller is the new member of the Highland Heights City Council.

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by Robin Gee

Mitchell Miller joined the Highland Heights City Council in May. He is filling the position formerly held by Michael Kessling who moved out of the city earlier this year.

Miller said he is a lifelong Campbell County native. He has lived in Highland Heights for about 10 years. He graduated in 2012 from Campbell County High School but said he has been in area schools all his life, starting with St Joseph’s in Cold Spring. He went to Northern Kentucky University after for college.

A regional accounts manager for Newport-based Divisions Maintenance Group, he first considered joining city government when he met Mayor Greg Meyers who put the suggestion in his mind back when he first moved into the city.

“The mayor asked if I’d ever be interested in being on city council. I thought about it when the opportunity came up, I talked to a couple of people who told me to write a letter to Mayor Meyers expressing my interest,” he explained.

Miller said he likes how things are going in the city and welcomed the opportunity to be a part of local government. “I’m just excited about the way things are going right now with our community. Good growth, good leadership within our local government, with Mayor Meyers, Chief Birkenhauer, so I just want to do anything I can to see that we remain on the same page, the same track,” he said.

Miller’s term will run until 2022. He said he’s not a politician by any sense of the word, but the opportunity to serve in local government seemed like a good place to start to get more involved in the community.

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