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Friday, June 18, 2021

Photos: Local couple creates Coworking space in Newport's Wiedemann Beer Mansion

Need a change of scenery? Check out the Impact Cowork space in Newport! 

By Jessie Eden

As a new parent returning to work, it can be challenging. Especially during a pandemic. Although things are slowly returning to normal, most are still living in a world where the lines between work and home are blurred. 

For someone like me, that's really difficult. I find myself getting distracted easily by my needy, treat-loving dog or my *almost* 7-month old child or my husband who is also working from home -- I dearly love all of these things...but I also love my job with Fort Thomas Matters and I love being able to check things off my to-do list. 

That is what Impact Cowork has allowed me to do. Check. Things. Off. My. To-do. List.

Between the pandemic and adjusting to new parenthood, I needed a change of scenery to help myself focus and deliver on the deadlines that Fort Thomas Matters requires in order to keep things rolling along and Impact Cowork has been a great space to pop in and work.

From Historic Mansion to Co-working Space

Amber and Mike Sipple turned the former Weidemann Beer mansion into 

When Amber and Mike Sipple purchased the building in 2019, the former mansion had already seen over $600,000 in renovations by the previous owners. It is said to have belonged to George Wiedemann, Jr. (yes, the historic beer family) but he passed away before living in the mansion.

The building, located at 401 Park Avenue in Newport, boasts rich, ornate woodwork, pocket doors, a beautiful entryway and grand staircase that leads up to the second floor. It is truly an inspiring space. 

“We love the convenience of our space," said Amber. " From convenient onsite parking and location, to our convenient online platform where you can book a meeting space, choose a membership, and easy door access.”

The first floor features a lounge, library, dining room, a cafe space, a modern kitchen and a back room with several small cubicles. 

Each room can be reserved and the kitchen space is available for those mid-day lunches and those frequent trips to the Keurig coffee machine. There is also a traditional coffee pot on hand for those long days that require extra caffeine!

The cafe space just off of the dining room which is now the new board room.

On the second and third floors, two businesses operated by Mike Sipple are located -- Talent Magnet Institute and Centennial Inc. Talent Magnet Institute is a human resource consulting firm and Centennial Inc. is an executive search firm. 

The third floor also houses two additional office spaces (my personal favorite is at the top of the stairs with gorgeous, large, ornate windows) and Impact's podcast studio which can also be reserved.

The office space on the third floor is nice and quiet with lots of natural light.

There are several reasons why Impact Cowork is a great option for those juggling remote work with a busy home life;

1) A beautiful, inspiring space that is still socially distant

I'm a history nerd. I love architecture and there is something so calming and inspiring about being in a space that doesn't have all the clutter from home. Do I love my comfy couch? Yes....but we've gotten a little too close this past year and I actually MISS working in an office. 

The architectural details of the building are everywhere you look!

Also - with the pandemic, I'm still social distancing as a high risk Type 1 Diabetic and Impact Cowork has helped me enjoy that office-like setting, free of distractions, while still remaining safe. 

2) Centrally Located and lots of parking

The location cannot be beat. It's just down the road from Fort Thomas, Bellevue and Newport on the Levee. There is a generous parking lot and on-street parking available for any guests you may have for your upcoming (finally, in-person) meetings.

3) Amenities Galore

You can reserve rooms online under Reservations, there is a keypad at the side entrance of the building so you can come and go as you please...but the space is still secure. There is free wi-fi and two printers available.

Let's be honest -- we've all been cooped up at home for the past year and with some offices foregoing traditional, in-person working scenarios, Impact Cowork could be the answer you're looking for when you just need to hunker down and get things done!

Check out additional photos below and click here to learn more about Impact Cowork.

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