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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Update: Cold Spring Planning Approves Starbucks Zoning Change and Plan

Cold Spring Planning Commission has approved Starbucks zoning change and site plan.

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by Robin Gee

Things are moving ahead for a Cold Spring Starbucks. The city Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a city staff recommendation to grant the restaurant a slight zoning change and to give it a thumbs up on its preliminary Stage II development plan.

After a public hearing for the proposal, commissioners voted to make a zone change request by the business, from Highway Commercial* (HC*) to Highway Commercial (HC). The asterisk designation means that the zone is governed by the Unicorporated Campbell County Zoning Ordinance, which required that land parcels be larger than the size Starbucks is requesting.


The Starbucks parcel would involve a land division that would make its parcel near 4929 Alexandria Pike close to one acre. Amending the zone designation to HC, which would fall under the Cold Spring Ordinance, would allow for the smaller size and slight changes in setbacks.

The plan is for Starbucks to be a drive-thru restaurant with no outdoor seating. The commissioners approved the initial site plan along with the staff’s recommendations for conditions on the approval.

Staff recommended:

  • Access management controls be in place for pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow
  • The drive-thru window not abut a residential zone
  • Spaces designated for cars waiting on orders not be counted as part of the parking space requirements
  • The drive-thru and any outdoor accessory seating only operate between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.


Wings and Rings Passes a Zoning Hurdle

Wings and Rings is proposed for the intersection of US 27 (Alexandria Pike) and Matinee Boulevard across from Panera.

Also at the public hearing, planning commissioners accepted a recommendation by staff to grant a zoning request for a proposed Wings and Rings restaurant to be located at the intersection of Alexandria Pike and Matinee Boulevard. 

The parcel falls into two zones – Residential Two (R-2) and Special Development Area (SDA). The restaurant is requesting the parcel be designated entirely in the SDA zone. Adjoining parcels to the north, east and south are designated SDA but a small portion to the west is a designated multifamily neighborhood R-2.

In their recommendation, staff noted that they believe the R-2 on the zoning map was in error. The area is designated R-2 on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan but "the text of the new Comprehensive Plan does not recommend that slivers of multi-family residential zones be extended to the US 27 corridor."

Staff recommended the zone map amendment to make the entire parcel SDA and that the amendment would be sent to city council for approval. The planning commissioners agreed.

The initial plan for the site is to include the Wings and Rings restaurant with two tenant spaces. After approval, the company could present a more detailed plan at the July meeting. 

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