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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

In Other Words: Sign Up for Blood Drive in Fallen Coach's Name

Make an appointment for the Hoxworth blood drive at the Mess Hall during the Farmers Market on Wednesday, July 28, from 11:00 AM to  5:00 PM. The Team Chuck event is in memory of Mark Finfrock who recently died.

Click on this link ( to set up your appointment to donate blood or copy and paste it into your broswer. Depending on availability, there may be some walk-in times available. Or make an appointment to donate in Mark’s name. 

Madison Clore, one of the organizers, says, "Blood drives are life savers. Since the pandemic hit there was a shortage of blood for those in dire need. So I believe this is a perfect time to have one! Blood is such a precious gift because it is literally giving one the gift of life. I am thankful to those who have donated blood because it has helped my family and friends survive during difficult times. I truly hope those within the community are able to help donate blood to provide for those in need."

Mark was on the list for a kidney transplant when he developed calciphylaxis, where arteries and blood vessels calcify. It is a painful condition and only about 1 - 4% of dialysis patients develop this condition. 

Mark volunteered a tremendous amount of time and talent to coaching. Kevin Neiporte, who coached with Finfrock, says that “Mark was a kind man who loved to be around kids and sports. He was the coach everyone was able to speak to with 100% honesty. He was a good listener and knew what the student-athletes needed to hear. Simply put, he was a good man with a huge heart! I think this blood drive is yet another way he can help people….” 

Mark could usually be found helping Nieporte coaching various sports and he ran the clock for football games.  Finfrock also coached little league football, baseball, and basketball so you probably saw him around for years. He gave a lot to his community and this blood drive is a way to honor his life.

Mark’s wife, Christy Finfrock, says that, “Mark was given the chance to live because someone gave a life saving donation. Mark needed numerous blood transfusions while he was in the hospital.  In the end it just wasn’t meant to be, but he would not have been given the opportunity without someone’s selfless act of kindness. Several years ago I got involved with donating blood as a coworker’s son was ill and in the hospital. I never thought that someone in my family would have needed this life saving treatment but we did. Many people sent me messages asking me to let them know what they could do for me during this difficult time, well this is what is needed. It doesn’t cost anything to donate and it is a rather simple process. By donating blood It will give others in need a chance to live to see another day.”

And what better way to remember a friend than by helping another.  A blood donation is a small way to make a big impact on another's life. 

Hoxworth Blood Drive 

Wednesday, July 28, from 11:00 AM to  5:00 PM

Mess Hall

During Farmers Market

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