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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Shelley Funke Frommeyer Files for 24th District Senate Seat

Shelley Funke Frommeyer, provided.

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A business owner from Alexandria has filed her intent for candidacy for Senate District 24. 

Shelley Funke Frommeyer filed her statement of intent to run for the Kentucky State Senate on Tuesday, seeking to represent Campbell, Pendelton, and Bracken Counties.  The seat is currently held by Senator Wil Schroder.  Senator Schroder announced in May that he would not be seeking re-election. 

“I’m excited to put my name on the ballot,” said Frommeyer. “Serving the public in a meaningful way is something I have felt called to do because my experience, talents, and dedication to conservative principles can help Kentucky flourish.”  

While Frommeyer is the first to file, the Bracken County Republicans announced another Republican candidate, who may throw their hat in the ring. 

In a Facebook post on the Bracken County Republican Party page promoting a party meeting on July, the Facebook page announced that Billy Matthews would also be running for Schroder's seat. 

A few hours later, an edit was made to that post which removed that reference. 

Matthews is the former Pendleton County Republican Party Chairman and is currently a field representative for U.S. Senator, Rand Paul. 

Matthews said he's still deciding on whether or not he will run. 

“I am strongly considering the opportunity, and have spoken with many groups about a possible run for state senate," he told Fort Thomas Matters. "I am humbled by the outpouring of support I have received thus far, but plan to continue listening and seeking input from the citizens of the 24th District before making an official decision.”

Frommeyer is an independent wealth advisor and certified financial planner, and is one of twelve children.  She grew up on a farm in DeMossville that included cattle, hay, and, briefly, tobacco.  She is also the 14th of 110 Tewes Poultry Farm grandchildren and assists annually in supplying the best turkeys to Northern Kentucky every Thanksgiving. She credits her upbringing, and especially the guidance of her parents and grandparents, for her work ethic and faith.  

“Our parents instilled the importance of flourishing the cycle of seed to harvest, and in doing so, taught us all the value of life from conception to resurrection.” 
After graduating from the University of Kentucky, she began an exciting career with BP that required various relocations across the country.  She moved her young family back to Kentucky in 1998 where she built the fiduciary financial firm she runs today.  She now lives in Alexandria with her husband Rich and enjoys time with their blended family of six children.  They are expecting their fourth grandchild in July. 

According to a release, Frommeyer said she will be most passionate about promoting free enterprise and protecting the "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” foundations of this country. 

“I’m frustrated that the Biden-led government is passing out money to people and companies that do not need it, deepening the taxpayer load," she added. "The Trump administration’s conviction of good economics and high expectations of our trading partners and our businesses resulted in more jobs that give people the opportunity to make a life they choose to create, which is just how it should be.  We need to return the focus back to the freedom that can come from a good paying job, and away from government dependency.”  

Frommeyer said that she is looking forward to hitting the campaign trail and getting to know her future constituents talking to the voters.  

“My love and passion for Kentucky runs deep.  From my roots in DeMossville, to my business in Covington, to my church in Alexandria, my commitment to serving Kentucky and its citizens is unwavering.  I truly believe that Kentucky is the land of milk and honey.  Let’s prosper!”  

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