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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Gov. Andy Beshear announces mask mandate in schools

Gov. Andy Beshear announces mask mandate in schools

Today Governor Andy Beshear announced that his administration will be mandating universal masking requirements in schools. 

Beshear said he has signed an executive order requiring all students, staff in-schools and daycare centers to be masked indoors.  The executive order is for 30 days, but can be renewed as needed. 

He also noted that his administration "would not be afraid to incorporate a statewide mask mandate for every indoor venue, not inside the home." 

"We gave a very clear recommendation that schools mandate masking and we didn't see all of our Districts grab ahold of that. We're already seeing that if we don't see vaccinations plus masks, we will not see in-person learning continue," said Beshear. "I'm going to treat these kids as if they're my own. My kids are masked and I'll have the courage to do what I think is right by masking."

"We are at an alarming place. On Monday, we passed a half million COVID-19 positive cases in Kentucky. We've lost more than 7,300 Kentuckians," said Gov. Beshear. "We know we've got to act to meet our three goals, including keeping our children learning in the classroom."

He outlined those are: 1)Saving Lives/Protecting Health. 2)In Class Learning. 3) Continued Economic Resurgence 

"We have the support of our education community. We have the support of our public health leaders. We have the support of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce behind a hard but necessary step," said Beshear. 

"Without intervention, at the current rate of COVID-19 case growth, we expect the most Kentuckians hospitalized than at any time during the pandemic," said Beshear. 

Covid-19 Case Information:
2,500 new cases. 
7 new deaths. 
11.05% statewide positivity rate. 
1,251 hospitalized. 
168 on ventilator. 

2,376,891 Kentuckians vaccinated. Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties are all over 50% vaccination rate among eligible persons. Campbell and Kenton County are in the orange zone for positivity rate. 108 counties of 120 are in the red zone. 

This story will be updated. 

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  1. Free our kids!! They do not have to wear a mask anywhere else besides school. That's wrong! They are sitting down most of the day anyway just like when we go to a restaurant. GET RID OF THE MANDATE!!