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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Newport Racing and Gaming to Expand at Newport Shopping Center

Yes, indeed. The rumors of a Newport Racing and Gaming expansion at Newport Shopping Center are true. Details still to come.

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by Robin Gee

A sign posted outside of the Newport Racing and Gaming location in the Newport Shopping Center announces that the operation is expanding.

Over 50 years experience in NKY. Call now, mention FTM. (859) 287-2499.

Although it has not been confirmed by the property management team of AlbaneseCormier yet, it looks like the operation is set to expand into the space next door left empty by a recent move by its former neighbor, Ace Hardware. The former hardware store space would add approximately 11,000 square feet to the gaming facility.

Newport Racing and Gaming currently has 17,000 square feet of gaming floor that includes more than 500 Historical Racing Machines. The $38.4 million facility opened in September.

After the Ace Hardware move to a larger space nearby in June 2021, Fort Thomas Matters asked the shopping center owners whether the rumored expansion of the gaming facility was underway. At that time, a spokesperson said information was not yet available. We will include more information on the expansion plans as they unfold.

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