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Friday, August 13, 2021

Zone Change Recommended for Property Near AA Highway and Shortcut Road

Neighbors near the property at AA Highway and Shortcut Road expressed their concerns at the Campbell County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

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by Robin Gee

The Campbell County Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended approval of a zone change request for a section of unincorporated property near the AA Highway and Shortcut Road, just north of the California Marketplace and bordered by Kennedy Road and Flagg Springs Road.

The request by developer Vic Dawn on behalf of himself and partners in Dawn/Schoulties was for a change from Agriculture 1 (A1) Zone to a Rural Commercial (RC). The zone change would impact about nine acres, although the proposal for development would be a little over five acres within that parcel.

Dawn and his partners have only a rough concept developed at this point and will need to submit a full stage one development plan if the Campbell County Fiscal Court approves the zone change. Then, they will return to Planning and Zoning for review of their stage one plan.

Their early concept proposal showed a complex of three businesses on the property — a mini self-storage business, a hardware store and a bank with drive through as well as a retention pond. At present they have no tenants or commitments so the final business mix could be different.

A preliminary concept drawing of the property near AA Highway and Shortcut Road showing three possible businesses on about 5.4 acres.

Neighbors express concern

A contingent of neighbors attended the meeting and expressed concerns about development on the property. Melissa and John Radford of Flagg Springs Pike said they had moved to the address only recently because they wanted to be in the country. They were concerned that having businesses close by would bring noise, debris and traffic, and would block the view they now enjoy.

Harold Dawn, also of Flagg Springs Pike, said he did not feel any other industry or business was needed in the area. He also said people move out to the area to be away from businesses.

Others noted the map used by the commissioners was old and did not include some of the homes in the area. They echoed concerns about traffic and the loss of view and quietude of the countryside.


Applicant responds

Dawn said he and his partners are the developers behind the nearby California Market, and that residents should take into consideration their track record of development in the area.

"Anything we’ve ever done out there has been very mindful of our neighbors and respectful of the rural traditions of that area, the farming traditions of that area...We will try to be very respectful of our neighbors, and will try to do as little as possible to interrupt their idea of a perfect neighborhood."

As far as what will be on the property, he said, "We need still to sit down and figure it out. We’re trying to maximize value, but need to see the elevations, things like that...Everything would be done, landscaping in excess of the code to show respect to our neighbors."

The corner of Shortcut Road and AA Highway

Commissioners discuss A1 and RC zoning

The commissioners and staff discussed the differences between A1 and RC zones, and the intentions of the comprehensive plan for the area. Some pointed out that the parcel is off AA Highway, and some commercial in this area is in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan.

Commissioner Justin Verst said he felt the Rural Commercial designation would be a step back from Highway Commercial and more compatible with the rural area. 

"I think the infrastructure is there to support a Rural Commercial zone. The roadways are there, the water lines are there. Whether the demand for services is there, I can’t speak to that...I know nobody wants to see development happen right nearby especially when you live in a beautiful little area. I do also recognize that this is right on an arterial highway," he said.

"When we work on a comprehensive plan, we talk about where do we want our businesses to be? We don’t want them to be two miles off on a side road. We want them to be on the highway so there’s easy access to them. So I think the physical location lends itself to commercial development."

Staff recommended the request for the zone change to be accepted, noting that it is in agreement with the future uses as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.

The commissioners voted unanimously to support the recommendation and to pass it on to the Fiscal Court for a final vote.

Planning and Zoning Director Cindy Minter noted that, if the Fiscal Court approves the zoning change, the developers will need to return with a much more detailed stage one development plan.



  1. They had a drive-thru bank a couple of miles up the road. It's closed now, as have the other two businesses that located there. Storage buildings are a great place for stolen merchandise and drugs. Let's go back to the drawing board here. Seriously??

  2. This is where it all starts to go downhill. Keep the city out of the country.