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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Colonel’s Kitchen to Close at the End of September

Colonel's Kitchen and Catering opened in Fort Thomas in 2018.

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by Robin Gee

In a brief announcement today, the owners of Colonel’s Kitchen & Catering have announced they are closing their doors permanently at the end of this month. 

They are located at 22 N. Fort Thomas Avenue in the Hiland Building. 

Their statement explains the situation: "It is with great sadness we are announcing Colonel’s Kitchen is permanently closing at the end of September. This has been a very difficult decision. The restaurant business is challenging in the best of times, which these certainly are not. We’ve struggled over a year, and it’s time we stop fighting a losing battle."

1013 S. Fort Thomas Ave.  

The restaurant’s owner, De Stewart passed away in 2018 soon after moving his popular Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices to Fort Thomas and opening his restaurant and catering operation, Colonel’s Kitchen and Catering opened in 2018.

The message from the owners went on to thank all for their support. "To our wonderful customers and friends, thank you for your business and support since we opened in 2018. You are the best and we will miss you."

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