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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Five ways to keep heat in your home this winter (sponsored)

Five ways to keep heat in your home this winter.

As we are heading into winter, you may want to ask yourself an important question -- is your furnace ready for the challenge of colder weather?

If you aren't sure, Birkley Services can help. The local company has been helping customers with their HVAC needs since 1947. 

Here are some helpful tips to get the most from your furnace;

  1. Install a new/clean air filter
  2. Make sure all registers are 100% open and unobstructed
  3. Close your drapes, curtains & blinds (this helps to insulate the windows)
  4. Limit the use of kitchen and bath exhaust fans (these pull heat out of your home)
  5. Remember - a clothes dryer is also an exhaust fan so limit use if you are able

If you have questions about your system or would like more information, call 859-781-5500 or click here to visit Birkley Services' website. 

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