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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fort Thomas Police Officer Earns Sergeant Rank

Fort Thomas Police Sergeant Michael Dietz receives his badge from his wife as his children, family and friends look on. FTM file. 

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by Robin Gee, council beat editor

Fort Thomas Police Officer Michael Dietz has been promoted to sergeant. He received his new badge at the September city council meeting.

Dietz joined the department in 2005 after earning his bachelors degree in criminology from the University of Tampa. Police Chief Casey Kilgore said Dietz exceled at the Academy and since that time has earned numerous awards for his work both within and outside the department.

Kilgore noted that Dietz has served in numerous positions in the department over the years including patrol officer, field training officer, range instructor and is a long-time SWAT team member. His most recent accomplishment has been his service as president of the Kentucky Tactical Officers Association.

"It is certainly my privilege, and I’m very honored tonight to promote Michael to the rank of sergeant," said Kilgore.

"I appreciate the opportunity," said Dietz. "After almost 16 years with the department, to continue to move forward in an official leadership position, I appreciate everyone who has been there for me over the years, the ups and downs..."

He thanked the chief, council and the mayor, and also thanked his family for their support. "I’d like to thank my wife and my kids who put up with the missed birthdays, the SWAT calls in the middle of the night. The Christmas eve where I missed Christmas because of another call. Being out there with everyone supporting me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you."

Congratulations, Sergeant Dietz!

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