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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fort Thomas City Council Approves Purchase of Additional Public Parking

The back parking lot of the Hiland Building, located at 18 N. Fort Thomas Ave., has been acquired by the city of Fort Thomas.

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by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

More parking will be available in the Central Business District soon. 

At its October meeting, Fort Thomas City Council approved a purchase agreement for additional spaces from the owner of the Hiland Building at 18 North Fort Thomas Avenue. The move fulfills the city’s stated intention to provide additional public parking to serve the district that includes the new One Highland project and several other businesses.

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1013 S. Fort Thomas Ave.

Fort Thomas resident and real estate investor Dan Gorman, principal of the Fort Thomas Properties Hiland LLC, agreed to sell the parking lot behind his building to the city for its appraised value plus closing and title search costs. The final purchase amount, which includes those costs, is $167,809.60.

About 40 of the spaces in the lot are already owned by the city. With the additional spaces, the lot could hold between 112 and 115 cars depending on how lines are drawn, Gorman said.

Over the years, parts of the lot have been owned or leased by different entities, explained City Administrator Ron Dill. Not only will the agreement provide much-needed additional public parking, the title work will help clean up a somewhat convoluted situation, creating a clear title to the lot under the city.

One additional aspect to be worked out, Dill said, is access to the lot via Miller Lane. The Fort Thomas Independent Schools District owns that portion. The city has access, but officials are working with the schools in the hopes of bringing ownership of that under the city as well.
With the purchase of parking behind the Hiland Building at 18 North Fort Thomas, between 112 and 115 public parking spaces will be added to serve the Central Business District.

The city will take over maintenance of the lot, but Dill said at this time no major reconstruction of the lot is needed, only basic resurfacing and maintenance. 

Want a Clean House?

Through its development agreement with the One Highland developers, the city agreed to spend $1.6 million to purchase public parking for that project. The purchase of the lot at 18 North Fort Thomas adds even more public parking for all businesses in the Central Business District.


Access to parking behind 18 North Fort Thomas comes from Miller Lane, and that portion is on property owned by the Fort Thomas school district.


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