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Friday, October 1, 2021

Update: Children’s Hospital Says No Plans for DAV Site in Cold Spring at This Time

Cincinnati Children's Hospital denies interest in the DAV property at this time, but it is clear the city of Cold Spring, which now owns the site, has plans to develop it as a healthcare facility.

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by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Plans for the Disabled American Veterans site are still unfolding. Children’s Hospital spokesperson Barrett Brunsman told Fort Thomas Matters today that, “Cincinnati Children’s Hospital does not have any plans for the property at this time.”

This statement came in response to news from Cold Spring Mayor D. Angelo Penque yesterday that the city had officially purchased the property with plans to sell it for development as a healthcare facility and that St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Cincinnati Children’s had been in discussion regarding the property.

The mayor said he was excited about the potential. "You can print that I had a meeting with St. E’s, and they confirmed that they will go partners with Children’s, so it will be Children’s and them."

2000 Memorial Parkway. 

The mayor has since clarified his statement: "When I was interviewed yesterday regarding possession of the DAV being turned over to the city of Cold Spring, out of excitement referenced a recent meeting with St. Elizabeth. During the meeting, a discussion occurred that St. Elizabeth would be willing to work with Children’s Hospital, in the event Children’s Hospital makes the ultimate decision to locate on the DAV property."

He further clarified the plans for the property going forward. 

"As to purchasing the property, the property is owned by the city of Cold Spring and will likely remain, through the issuance of Industrial Revenue Bonds and/or similar funding mechanism to provide assistance for the potential for healthcare facilities in Cold Spring. To the extent that I represented Children’s was committed to the site, I apologize, my excitement was over the possibility of two respected health care providers joining together for the betterment of Cold Spring and Campbell County."

Brunsman did not respond to questions about whether Children’s had discussed the DAV property or whether or not they might be involved in the future. 

For now, excitement and interest is high for the potential of the property. The city now has title and is hoping to move forward on their plan for a healthcare facility. At this point, however, plans are on hold until the outcome of suit by Campbell County Schools for eminent domain is decided. Campbell County Circuit Court Judge Julie Ward is expected to hear from both sides at a hearing starting on October 6.

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