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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Brighton Center Hosts Ceremonial Groundbreaking of Opportunity House

Opportunity House is located at 3530 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights and is set to open in August 2022, just in time for the next academic school year. 

Brighton Center, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Brighton Properties, in partnership with Northern Kentucky University and the City of Highland Heights will host a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, November 17 at 1:30 p.m. to celebrate Opportunity House. 

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Opportunity House will provide a supportive environment to young adults to reach their educational and career goals which lead to a pathway to labor market success for those who traditionally experienced barriers to completing education beyond high school. The goal of Opportunity House will be to reduce the challenges young adults face, including housing, ultimately leading to educational success, employment, and self-sufficiency.

Youth travel along many paths during their transition to adulthood. For some, the road is relatively smooth and direct, others face a more difficult path. Many of these young adults feel post-secondary goals are out of reach. This can be especially true for young adults aging out of state’s care or foster care, or those with similar life experiences. They often lack the support and knowledge of how to stabilize themselves in order to allow for education to be their priority. By providing access to affordable housing, and support services, Opportunity House eliminates many of these issues that young adults face in reaching their hopes and dreams. 

“Opportunity House is positioned to change the trajectory for these young adults and promote their successful transition from education beyond high school to living-wage employment. A truly transformational opportunity - ultimately leading to educational success, employment, and self-sufficiency. If our youth are successful and prepared for their future due to the training and education in high-demand industry sectors they receive, our community and businesses can thrive, and everyone wins,” said Tom Stoll Brighton Center’s Board Chair.   

“At Brighton Properties, we understand the importance of having the best facilities and housing for everyone we serve and Opportunity House will be no exception. We are excited to serve as the developer and property manager of this project that will address our community’s critical need for affordable housing,” said Robert Arnold Brighton Properties’ Board Chair.  

Opportunity House, located on NKU’s campus, will have 15 efficiency and one one-bedroom apartment with individual bathrooms and kitchenettes. In addition to the high-quality units, on the lower level of this facility, there will be a large group room, classroom, full teaching kitchen, offices, laundry, and small meeting rooms.

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“Opportunity House creates a beacon of hope and access to higher education for learners with a specific need. That is our responsibility as a student-ready and regionally engaged university - to innovate and find new ways to meet diverse learners where they are and to meet their needs. Opportunity House is a worthy addition to those efforts because access to higher education and the removal of barriers to completion benefit students, their local and state communities, and the national and global economy. Together with our partners, we are effecting real change, and empowering the future of our students and enhancing the economic, social, and civic vitality of our region,” said Northern Kentucky University President Ashish Vaidya. 

“We have such a tremendous group of citizens that have all decided to call Highland Heights home - a community that clearly values the importance of education and one that is committed to ensuring opportunities exist for everyone to thrive. Working with Northern Kentucky University, Brighton Center, and Brighton Properties on this project exemplifies all that this City believes in. This has been a wonderful partnership, and the City of Highland Heights is delighted to welcome Brighton Center and the young adults whose lives will be transformed as a result of Opportunity House to the community,” said City of Highland Heights Mayor Greg Meyers.  

This project exemplifies Brighton Center’s tag line “a community of support”.  

“We are so grateful to the City of Highland Heights, Mayor Meyers and the City Council, for their commitment to this community and for submission of the Community Development Block Grant request to the Department of Local Government, and to Commissioner Dennis Keene for his unwavering and steadfast support. To President Vaidya, and his dedicated team at NKU, who have been true champions for this project since the beginning. Being able to align these critical public resources with support from the Doug and Sheila Bray Family and Duke Energy will ensure the renovation of this building. And it will be with the support of other key donors, both public and private, that we will be able to ensure the property management and operations of Opportunity House. We are also extremely appreciative of the innovative support of Neighborhood Foundations, the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and The R.C. Durr Foundation,” said Wonda Winkler President & CEO. 

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