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Friday, November 12, 2021

Campbell County Planning Approves Plan for “Industrial Condominiums” Near Tyson Claryville

A view of the undeveloped property at 11353 Alexandria Pike. View is from Bob Huber Drive, across US 27 near where Tyson Foods Claryville and Hillshire Brands facilities are located.

 by Robin Gee

A stage one development plan for an industrial/warehouse facility at 11353 Alexandria Pike has been approved by the Campbell County Planning and Zoning commissioners at their November 9 meeting.

The project, known as “industrial condominiums” is a single-story, 27,000-square-foot building that can be divided into sections and leased to one or multiple industrial businesses. The owner, Brett Cade, said he plans to divide up the 90-foot by 300-foot building into 40- to 80-foot sections to be rented out to either one or a few industrial entities. Cade, through his company Maverick South LLC, owns some land adjacent to the site as well.

The building is situated across from the Tyson Foods and Hillshire Brands facilities off Bob Huber Drive in Claryville near Alexandria and is in an Industrial 1 zone. The facility meets all the parameters as a permitted use within the zone. Properties to the north and east of the site are also zoned Industrial 1, while properties to the west and south are zoned Residential 3. A residential condominium project is located in the residential zone nearby.

The stage one plan addresses screening requirements for an industrial property next to a residential zone with landscaping and an eight-foot wall separating the building from the residential zone.

The building plan also includes 62 parking spaces to accommodate employees and potential business contacts for the tenants. At this time, Cade said, it is hard to know exactly how many tenants he will have. 

Planning Commissioner Justin Verst asked how changes to accommodate tenants would be handled but said the property meets all zoning requirements and fits with the comprehensive plan.

Commissioner Justin Verst asked about potential loading and unloading, and whether docks might be built in the future. Cade said he did not know but has accommodated that possibility with 90 feet at the back of the property. Right now the property has clear access from US 27.

Campbell County Principal Planner Kirk Hunter gave the staff report on the project and said the staff recommends the project as it meets the zoning requirements, the comprehensive plan for the area and the outlined future uses.

Right now it is hard to know what the tenants might want and need, he said, and if the plans change significantly – such as the need for loading docks, if parking sharply increases or decreases or if the flow changes on the property – this would trigger a new review and meeting to discuss those changes before the project moved forward.

At this point, the plan meets the criteria and permitted uses for the zone and has taken into consideration screening, storm drainage and water retention issues, he said. In stage two, he would like the developer include plans for hillside slippage and protection.

14 N. Grand Ave. 

Nearby residents were notified of the meeting, but no one came forward with comment or objections. The commissioners asked Hunter a few questions, but discussion was brief.

Before making the motion for the commissioners to approve the stage one plan, Verst said, "My take is this project is properly zoned, has good access to US 27 and seems to be in compliance with the comprehensive plan. The stage one plan submitted checks off all the boxes for requirements. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be approved."

The commission voted unanimously to approve the stage one project plan.

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