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Monday, November 15, 2021

Tech School Zone Change Request for Carthage Road, near AA Highway Withdrawn

Aerial view of the proposed technical training center near AA and Carthage Road. The orange box is where the school would have been located. The request for a zone change there has been withdrawn.

by Robin Gee

A zone change request that would clear the way for a proposed technical training school on unincorporated land near AA and Carthage Road has been withdrawn. The request was to change the zoning from Agriculture (A-1) to Institutional (INST).

Although Campbell County Planning and Zoning commissioners were tied on the matter and, therefore, were unable to recommend the change, the request was to move ahead to the Fiscal Court for a decision.

On Friday, an attorney representing owner David Martin and his company Martin Solutions LLC, informed the Planning and Zoning Commission that the zoning change request had been withdrawn.

About 40 community members attended the recent planning commission meeting to comment on the zoning request. A group of citizens opposing the request formed under the name Concerned Citizens of Carthage. 

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Steve Megerle, attorney for the group, summed up the group’s response, "We are glad Martin Solutions re-considered and withdrew their plan to locate the for-profit technical school in the rural Carthage community in southern Campbell County. Simply put, great idea, terrible location. The residents are thankful the planning commissioners, though divided and by a tie vote, continued to honor the goals of the comprehensive plan to prevent noise pollution and intense industrial and institutional uses outside the urban service boundary."

Many who spoke at the commission meeting both for and against the project expressed respect for Martin and said they thought the idea of a small industrial equipment training facility was a good one, but those opposed said the location was not suited for it and would have a negative impact on their community.

"This is an example of a close-knit community joining together airing their grievances in a respectful manner and successfully protecting the rural nature of their farms and homes in the future," said Megerle.

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