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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Honey Baked Ham Company to open in Cold Spring

HoneyBaked Ham. Provided. 

Two new businesses are reportedly heading to Cold Spring, Kentucky. 

In an email sent to council this morning, Mayor Angelo Penque noted that the Honey Baked Ham Company and Celestial Scents Candles would be moving into the Campbell County city of about 6,000 residents, situated between Highland Heights and Alexandria. 

Honey Baked Ham Company will be settling in the 3900 block of Alexandria Pike, near St. Vincent de Paul before Thanksgiving. 

While there is no mention of the Cold Spring location on the company website, an inquiry has been sent to the corporate office to confirm the news. 

There are five locations listed on the company website, four in Cincinnati and one in Florence. 

Celestial Scents Candles, previously located in Southgate, moved to Newport on the Levee in May of this year. They are set to open their shop in Cold Spring next January on Crossroads Blvd. 

The candle shop was among nine new retailers and restaurants to set up in the renovated Gallery Building at Newport on the Levee. They will be moving to their permanent location from the Levee in Cold Spring. 

This story may be updated. 

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