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Monday, December 6, 2021

Keep your smile sparkling with this dental health guide (sponsored)

By Total Health Dentistry

Located in Cold Spring, KY, Rachel E. Gold D.M.D. runs her practice with a dedication to making every patient's experience comprehensive and pleasant. From routine dental exams to cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Gold makes sure all of your questions are addressed and you are at ease before the procedure. 

Here are some useful tips for enjoying some wine during the holidays and maintaining your healthy teeth.


A glass of red wine can warm you up on a chilly night or complement a beautiful meal, but it will also turn your teeth deep burgundy at the same time. A quick trip to the restroom after a few glasses of wine can reveal a purple smile that used to be pearly white. Red wine drinkers face this reality frequently and, while aesthetically unappealing, can lead to cavities. Before you cancel happy hour, use this guide to keep your teeth white.

What Does Wine Do to Your Teeth?

You might think the solution is as simple as switching from red wine to white. While red wine can stain teeth in the short term, both types are acidic and can lead to staining in the long term. The acidity in wine softens the enamel that protects your teeth, making them look dingy and gray over time.

Alcohol in general is dehydrating, which reduces the saliva in your mouth and amplifies the demineralization occurring. However, eroding tooth enamel from red or white wine has more serious repercussions to consider, like susceptibility to decay and cavities.

What Are the Ways to Care for Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth no sooner than one hour before a night out and no sooner than one hour after imbibing will ensure you've removed any settling plaque, while protecting the soft enamel of your teeth. If you don't have an electric toothbrush, drinking from a straw will decrease contact between your teeth and the wine.

If this feels sacrilegious or too silly, try pairing your wine with a glass of water. A quick swish from time to time will keep you hydrated and give your teeth a much-needed rinse. If you are at home and have coconut oil handy, a quick swish can help remove plaque and the cavity-causing bacteria that cling to it.

Enjoying a cheese plate alongside your wine infuses your bones with extra calcium and the waxy texture of the cheese acts as a barrier against stains. Lastly, wine wipes or a simple cocktail napkin can do the job in a pinch. Take extra care when trying this hack, as your teeth may still be sensitive from acidity.

If you are looking for a dentist that understands how your body is affected by your oral health, Total Health Dentistry is the right practice for you. 

To find out more, visit Dr. Gold's website or call (859) 441-1230.

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