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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Fort Thomas Council Committee Recommends Street Improvements

Tower Hill Road at North Fort Thomas Avenue. Tower Hill is proposed as one of the streets to be improved as part of the 2022 Fort Thomas streets program.

by Robin Gee

The city’s Public Works Committee, which includes Ken Bowman (chair), Adam Blau and Connie Grubbs, presented their recommendations for the 2022 streets program at the December meeting of Fort Thomas city council. This is a preliminary list starting the process for the year.

The streets under consideration for the program include: Altamont Court, Avon Place, Bivouac Ave., Carolina Ave., Garden Way (from Holiday to terminus), Glenway Ave., Hawthorne Ave., Linden Ave., Linden Court, Rossmore Ave., Summit Ave. (from Grand Ave to Avon Place), Tower Hill Road (from North Fort Thomas to Watch Point Drive). 

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The number of streets involved has increased somewhat over recent years. This is largely due to issues from Covid in the last few years, said Bowman, but also last year’s program included Waterworks Road and North Fort Thomas Avenue from Covert Run Pike to the city limits, both much larger in scale. 

First step in the streets program process

Costs will be split 50/50 between homeowners and the city. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $503,482 with revenue generated from assessments to be $197,582. Bowman said this cost is based on engineering estimates that are often a bit higher than actual costs. Homeowners will be assessed on a front foot basis. Bowman noted that the city removed engineering fees from the shared costs to help provide some relief to property owners.

The committee’s recommendation is only the first step in the streets program process. Bowman explained in January there will be a posted public meeting to discuss the plan. Homeowners on the affected streets will receive certified letters inviting them to participate in the public meeting conducted by the Public Works Committee.

After public input is gathered, the committee will revisit the issue and develop its recommendation to council. At that point an ordinance will be written and, if all goes as planned, will have a first reading in February at council and a second reading in March. If approved, contracts would be awarded in April and work could begin soon after. 

Public Works capital budget

The Public Works Committee also shared a breakdown of the capital budget for public works. The budget is as follows:

  • $493,956 for roadway improvements
  • $25,620 for the sidewalk repairs
  • $30,000 for city's share of SD1 cost sharing programs (for flooding and related issues)
  • $20,000 for local match for a discretionary grant opportunity from KDOT. This program would go to removing an extreme vertical curve on Blossom Lane. The ciy of Southgate and the Campbell County Fiscal Court are co-applicants for the grant.
  • $10,000 for contingency funds (full depth repair)
  • $5000 miscellaneous and utility adjustments
  • $25,000 for CT Consultants engineering

This brings the total budget to: $609,576

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