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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Update: GameWorks May Be Gone, But Local Team Has Plans

The former local GameWorks team has plans for a new and revamped gaming venue at Newport on the Levee.

 by Robin Gee

GameWorks, a longtime amusement arcade at Newport on the Levee closed its doors this month, but plans are in the works for a return. The original GameWorks will not be back, but a new entertainment venue is under consideration.

Although the GameWorks owners had announced the closure earlier, a notice on the front door of the location noted a "rebrand and relaunch." 

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Britni Johnson, director of public relations for North American Properties, owners of Newport on the Levee, explained the situation.

"The entertainment center chain recently has been dissolved, leaving the few locations that were still in operation with no other option than to close," she said. 

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"However, we’re excited to share that the local team is currently collaborating with investors to transition the space into a first-of-its-kind gaming experience that will be announced in the coming weeks." 

The parent company for GameWorks was based in Los Angeles. The new company will be formed with members of the Newport location, which has been at Newport on the Levee since 2002, a year after the Levee itself first opened.

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